Thomas Szasz Speaks: An Interview with Thomas Szasz

I recently came across a fantastic interview with Thomas Szasz from 2009. Szasz was interviewed by Natasha Mitchell, as part of a podcast called All In The Mind. It is a fantastic interview. First, the audio quality is amazing. Second, Mitchell is a great interviewer. She asks question and gives Szasz the space to answer them.

It is amazing to listen to Thomas Szasz, and to hear how sharp his mind was, even at 89 years old. This is one of the better interviews conducted with Szasz. Mitchell is skeptical of Szasz, but allows him to explain his views. The interview is wide ranging and touches on Szasz’s history, psychotherapy, libertarian principles, involuntary confinement and Szasz’s philosophy on freedom.

Listen below:

Part 1:

Part 2:

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